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Sat, Aug 24 01:07pm: Have you liked our restaurant page yet? We've got great food, are family friendly, and open from 11am to 9pm Tue-Sat.


You can order online from us at diamondz.biz/order, and we deliver within Jerome city limits!

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Sat, Aug 24 12:30pm: Upcoming Events (please share for Bonus Karma Points®):

08/29: Country Auto & NorthSide Shave Parlor & Barbershop Present: Clifton Hunt (Mixed, All-Ages, Free, http://bit.ly/2NuApzO).

08/30: American Hitmen w/ School of Rock Sandy (Rock, All-Ages, $10 / $15, http://bit.ly/32TqB7r).

09/05: Country Auto & NorthSide Shave Parlor & Barbershop Present: Joshua Summers Music (Mixed, All-Ages, Free, http://bit.ly/2KTCOlJ).

09/24: Southern Idaho's Rock Station - 103.1 The Edge Presents: Redlight King (Rock, 15+, $5, http://bit.ly/2U26fox).

09/27: OverTime w/ Hot N' Heated Music, Bryce Houston, DART Productions) (Hick Hop, 15+, $12 / $15, http://bit.ly/2ZyYGex).

09/28: TBA (Folk, 15+, $13 / $15).

09/29: Mortal Ashes w/ Embryocide, Dredge Hammer, Deathstalker (Metal, 15+, $10 / $12, http://bit.ly/2MzZ6ep).

10/03: Country Auto & NorthSide Shave Parlor & Barbershop Present: Hurdy Gurdy Girls (Mixed, All-Ages, Free, http://bit.ly/2znhePO).

10/04: TBA (Hip Hop).

10/05: TBA (Mixed).

10/06: TBA (Rock, 15+, $5).

10/08: Marbin w/ Mosaic Jazz (Jazz-Fusion, 15+, $8 / $12, http://bit.ly/2KAslN6).

10/11: Saliva w/ LOSS of Existence, Chapter Black, & EverBlack (Rock, 15+, $25 / $30, http://bit.ly/2JF5teN).

10/12: TBA (Hip Hop, 15+).

10/22: Rings of Saturn w/ Enterprise Earth, AngelMaker, BRAND OF SACRIFICE (Metal, 15+, $18 / $20, http://bit.ly/2MABOFd).

10/23: ¡Mayday! w/ Potluck1Ton & TBA (Hip Hop, 15+, $18 / $22, http://bit.ly/30yjOys).

10/27: TBA (Hick Hop).

10/30: Randy's (Trailer Park Boys) Cheeseburger Picnic (Comedy, 15+, $25, http://bit.ly/2Nqf36B).

10/31: TBA (Rock).

11/01: TBA (Metal).

11/17: Hed PE w/ Blacklist Regulars, Illest*Lyricists & TBA (Hip Hop, 15+, $20 / $25, http://bit.ly/324T611).

12/21: TBA (Hip Hop).

12/28: Micky and the Motorcars w/ Gary and Cindy Braun (Country, 15+, $28 / $32, http://bit.ly/2KVgl82).

01/29: Struggle Jennings w/ Hot N' Heated Music & TBA (Hick Hop, 15+, $15 / $20, http://bit.ly/2HoAT6p).


All tickets may be purchased at JeromeTickets.com, at Diamondz Event Center, or from any opening act member.

Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

Sat, Aug 24 12:24pm: Hed p.e. w/ Blacklist Regulars, illest*Lyricists, & TBA
Hed PE w/ Blacklist Regulars, Illest*Lyricists, & TBA

This one's gonna sell out, folks.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 day of show, and may be purchased online at JeromeTickets.com, from Diamondz in Jerome, or from an opening band member.

There are also a VERY SMALL number of Reserved tickets available for $30. They get you a reserved seat so you don't need to be first in line (like you'll be sitting anyway!).

To attend, you must be 15+ with a parent or guardian, or 18+ otherwise. Full bar available to those 21+ with valid ID. Doors are at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

--- (Hed) p.e. ---
Originally based in Huntington Beach, CA, (Hed) p.e. was founded in 1994 by frontman Jahred, whose goal was to fuse the region's long-standing punk rock heritage with G-funk-inflected hip-hop. He was shortly joined by bassist Mark who has remained alongside the band until present day. The line up is currently rounded out by guitarist Jaxon and drummer Trauma.

(Hed)p.e was snatched up by Jive Records early in its career, but it wasn't until the year 2000 when they released the album "broke" that they received mainstream success. It was this album that solidified them as a mainstay in the rock and metal community.

(Hed)p.e. released its third album "Blackout" in 2003 which continues to be their most successful album to date. The group is infamous for changing the image and style of the band and music from release to release. Infusing moments of punk, metal, rap, reggae, and rock into their very eclectic yet precise sound.

Many have asked what the name (Hed) p.e. means and stands for. According to vocalist Jahred, "The name (Hed) p.e. is a name I came up with which basically means our consciousness is connected to the planet and the planet is evolving, therefore, we as her children, evolve with her. The "p.e." originally was defined as PLANETARY EVOLUTION, and sometimes morphs to PLANET EARTH and back, but both carry the same message, the (Hed) is the symbol for consciousness. WE ARE ON THE MOTHERSHIP!"

Despite many bands and peers from their genre, (Hed)p.e. has never taken a break from releasing albums and touring, which has enabled them to survive and meet with very strong independent success over the years. As a member that has been with the band from inception, bassist Mark attributes this to a passion for music and for playing in (Hed)p.e. for over 2 decades. "I moved from NewCastle England to pursue music in the United States and have never looked back." says Mark. "Our goal is to be a band that can connect with fans for decades to come, much like bands like the Rolling Stones have been able to do for over four generations of music."

Staying true to the (Hed)p.e. standard of change and growth both personally and musically, the new album "Evolution" takes the band back to their metal and underground roots they grew up on as kids. With tracks like "One More Body" and "No Tomorrow" holding down the metal and aggressive front, to the Led Zeppelin infused track "2 Many Games", this album delivers every style imaginable and even rounds the album out with three reggae inspired/infused album closers.

In a time when so many bands are playing it safe and going through the motions, whether it be out of fear of failure or lack of new ideas, (Hed)p.e. embraces change and "Evolves" with their greatest work to date.

More Info:


--- Blacklist Regulars ---
The lack of music opportunities for rock musicians and corrupt political climates led the members of Blacklist Regulars to leave their respective countries and come together in Chicago IL. The search for like-minded musicians paired Ireland native Luke Keating - and his Alice in Chains inspired vocals - with the screaming guitars and tight rhythms of Venezuelan band members Arturo Banus, Tomas Zabala and Alejandro Zabala.

More Info:


--- illest*Lyricists ---
L.S.D. (aka Joey Bravo) plus mic.ill (Michael Summers) = magic.

More Info:


Event Schedule

Jun 5 2019 07:00PMMesser w/ Brand Of Julez & Meridian Movement
Jun 7 2019 07:00PMJerome, ID - Stevie Stone/Madchild Strange Noize Tour
Jun 29 2019 03:00PMFreedom Fest
Jul 12 2019 07:00PMRain For Dust CD Release: Psychosomatic
Jul 19 2019 08:00PMHolistic Meditations (Freedom Renegades) Album Release Party
Jul 20 2019 12:00PMEdgefest 2019: Adelitas Way*Royal Bliss*Powerman5000*Shim & MORE
Jul 23 2019 06:00PMTwiztid w/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Alla Xul Elu, G-Mo Skee, MORE!
Jul 25 2019 06:00PMCountry Auto Presents: Jensen Buck
Jul 27 2019 06:00PMNed LeDoux w/ Dave Nudo Band & Shenanigans
Aug 9 2019 05:00PMCraig Campbell at Jerome County Fair & Rodeo
Aug 22 2019 06:00PMCountry Auto & NorthSide Barbershop Present: Spike Coggins
Aug 29 2019 06:00PMCountry Auto & NorthSide Barbershop Present: Clifton Hunt
Aug 30 2019 07:00PMAmerican Hitmen w/ School Of RockGet Tickets
Sep 5 2019 06:00PMCountry Auto & NorthSide Barbershop Present: Josh Summers
Sep 24 2019 07:00PM103.1 The Edge Presents: Redlight KingGet Tickets
Sep 27 2019 07:00PMOverTime in Jerome, ID w/ The Blue Collar Soldiers BandGet Tickets
Sep 29 2019 07:00AMMortal Ashes / Embryocide / Dredge Hammer / Deathstalker
Oct 3 2019 06:00PMCountry Auto & NorthSide Barbershop Present: Hurdy Gurdy Girls
Oct 8 2019 07:00PMMarbin w/ Mosaic JazzGet Tickets
Oct 11 2019 07:00PMSaliva w/ Loss of Existence, Chapter Black, & EverBlackGet Tickets
Oct 22 2019 07:00PMRings of Saturn w/ Enterprise Earth, Angelmaker, more!Get Tickets
Oct 23 2019 07:00PMJerome, ID - ¡Mayday! Fire In The Sky TourGet Tickets
Nov 17 2019 07:00PMHed p.e. w/ Blacklist Regulars, illest*Lyricists, & TBAGet Tickets
Dec 28 2019 07:00PMMicky and the Motorcars w/ Gary & Cindy BraunGet Tickets
Jan 29 2020 07:00PMStruggle Jennings w/ Hot N' Heated & TBAGet Tickets

If you're not having fun, you're not at Diamondz.

The Hottest Spot in the Magic Valley to Party - The Rock 'n' Roll Capital of Idaho.

Live music, theater, parties, wedding receptions, conferences, quinceaneras, you name it, we host it!

In the past, we've had recognizable greats such as Dokken, LA Guns, Great White (Jack Russell), Trixter, Billy Dean, Frank Hannon, John Corabi, Bang Tango, London, Royal Bliss, Enuff Z'Nuff, and many more play on our stage.

High tech dance floor with fog, light show, and mega bass. 20' TV screen with surround sound, you have to see it to believe it.

284 occupancy rating inside, and seasonally 1500 people can fit out back in the beautiful grassy courtyard.

We have an attached green room, complete with refrigerator, stove, microwave, television, hide-a-bed, and shower. There is a clothes washer and dryer on site, and a laundrymat a few blocks away.

We have a full-service kitchen serving lunch and dinner, as well as a liquor license.

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Dia+mondz [dahy-muhnds]
1. A place that brings great delight to all that behold it.

Past Events @ Diamondz

Saliva 08/01/13

Saliva #1 Saliva #2
Saliva #3 Saliva #4

Royal Bliss 02/23/13

Royal Bliss #1 Royal Bliss #2
Royal Bliss #3 Royal Bliss #4

Dokken 08/01/09

Dokken #1 Dokken #2
Dokken #3 Dokken #4

L.A. Guns 08/01/09

L.A. Guns #1 L.A. Guns #2
L.A. Guns #3 L.A. Guns #4