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Sat, Oct 20 12:02pm: Upcoming Events (Please SHARE for Bonus Karma Points®):

10/20: Southern Idaho's Rock Station - 103.1 The Edge Presents: The Black Moods (15+, Free, 7pm,

10/23: Demun Jones Music w/ Charlie Farley & Illest*Lyricists (Hick Hop, 15+, $10 / $15, 7pm, https://bit.ly/2vgDlpG).

10/31: Halloween w/ Sunflower Dead, CO-OP, & HighBall (15+, $10 / $15, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2OQPQQo).

11/01: Suffocation w/ Cattle Decapitation, Krisiun, VISCERAL DISGORGE & Inhuman Wrath (15+, $25 / $30, 6pm).

11/03: Headless Pez, The Guardians of Virginity, Faces of Annihilation, & Negated (15+, $5, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2Nvxlj1).

11/05: OverTime w/ Hot N' Heated Music, Rhythm & Rhyme, & Ace Flo (15+, $12 / $15, 7pm, https://bit.ly/2OILtYc).

11/07: Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals w/ Child Bite, Deathstalker, Faces of Annihilation (15+, $20 / $25, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2Pehhai).

11/08: Devour the Day w/ Faded Leroy, Rain For Dust, & TBA (15+, $12 / $15, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2R3L6aN).

11/09: Folk Hogan w/ TBA (15+, $7 / $12, 7pm, https://bit.ly/2NCqYLI).

11/16: Moonshine Bandits w/ Devil's County & TBA (15+ $18 / $22, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2ydRMLG).

11/17: Royal Bliss w/ Joyous Wolf, MESSER, & Chapter Black (15+, $17, $22, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2y3q7gL).

11/30: Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, & Living in False Eyes (15+, $30 / $40, 6pm, https://bit.ly/2J6L0zL).

12/15: Colt Ford w/ Pinebox Posse & TBA (15+, $30 / $40, 7pm, https://bit.ly/2wDcgwC).

12/16: Winds of Plague w/ The Zenith Passage, ENTHEOS, The Mirage Theory, Lonehand, & Faces of Annihilation(15+, $18 / $20, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2pYw8Ym).

12/20: Like A Storm w/ Palisades & Farewell to Fear (15+, $15 / $18, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2R4hqdB).

03/07: Young Dubliners w/ TBA (15+, $20 / $25, 7pm, https://bit.ly/2PUDkQS).

All tickets may be purchased at JeromeTickets.com, at Diamondz Event Center, or from any opening act member.

Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

Sat, Oct 20 11:42am: Check out our upcoming events! :)

Fri, Oct 19 10:55am: Like A Storm w/ Palisades & Farewell To Fear
Our favorite New Zealanders are finally back in the house, and this time they're bringing drums!

Tickets are on-sale on 10/19/18 at 12pm MDT. They are $15 in advance, $18 day of show, and may be purchased online at JeromeTickets.com, from Diamondz in Jerome, or from any opening band member.

There are also a VERY SMALL number of Reserved tickets available for $20. They get you a reserved seat so you don't need to be at the front of the line to be able to sit (like you'll be sitting anyway, lol). Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

To attend, you must be 15+ with a parent or guardian, or 18+ otherwise. Full bar available to those 21+ with valid ID. Doors are at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

--- Like A Storm ---
Known as one of the hardest working bands out there, Like A Storm fought hard to be heard. The New Zealand brothers came to the United States knowing no one, and built a diehard and devoted fan-base by tirelessly touring to promote their debut album, The End of The Beginning with top acts such as Alter Bridge, Shinedown & Creed. In the midst of that whirlwind, the road served as the foundation for their forthcoming sophomore set, and first album for Another Century Records, Awaken The Fire.

While supporting Creed on a summer 2012 run, the band Chris Brooks [lead vocals, guitar, didgeridoo, keys/programming], Matt Brooks [vocals, lead guitar, keys/programming], and Kent Brooks [bass, vocals, keys/programming]would immediately retreat to either their dressing room or hotel after each show and begin recording new music until daybreak. This intense work ethic fostered a fertile creative spell for the boys.
"We were growing as a band and getting inspired by life on the road," Chris explains. "We never stopped writing as we were touring. Our fans were hungry for new music, and we were hungry to put something out. We didn't want to sit around and wait to see which label came knocking at our door. So, we decided to make the album ourselves, produce it, tour it, and preserve this awesome connection were lucky to have with our fans. We made a mobile studio rig and brought it everywhere."

Cut on the road, their new hit single "Love The Way You Hate Me" began to make waves on its own. Midwest radio station "The Banana" in Flint, MI started spinning it, and it eventually spent four consecutive weeks at #1, owning the stations cage match". Organically, other stations picked up the track, such as KIBZ in Lincoln, adding it to regular rotation. Soon, Sirius XMs rock station, Octane caught wind of it as well, and it seized #1 on their nationwide Big 'Uns countdown for five weeks. The single eventually went Top 30 on the US active rock charts, a major achievement for a completely independent band, and making them the first New Zealand group to ever do so.

It's no surprise though. "Love The Way You Hate Me" slides from a gnashing guitar and entrancing electronic flourishes into a genuinely unshakable refrain. As the musical madness subsides, it breaks into a warped and wild didgeridoo breakdown, heralding the band's proper arrival.

"The lyrics are important," Chris goes on. "It's funny when we walk through a truck stop or pull over at a diner for some food because everybody turns their heads and looks at us. We were in some tiny town, and someone muttered, 'Freaks', as we were walking past them. It really stuck with us. It's such a great thing to be different and have the freedom to live the life you want to live, rather than conforming to everyone's idea of who you should be. The song's about being true to yourself."

As "Love The Way You Hate Me" exploded at airwaves, Century Media reached out and signed the group in 2014. They immediately jumped back into recording, converting a remote lake house in Michigan into a recording studio and self-producing Awaken The Fire. As a result of this approach, Like A Storm fully realized their sound.

"We're making the music we want to make," the singer exclaims. "There are no rules when we're writing except the three of us have to love whatever we're doing. We push it creatively. We love to see how far we can take things. That's the sound of Like A Storm."

Songs like "Six Feet Under" deliver the requisite hard-hitting hooks and kinetic rhythms. Chris adds, "That's about the ups and downs of life in the music industry. We had come up against wall after wall. But we never gave up. It doesn't matter what's in our way. We'll break through it."

At the same time, they experimented with "Gangster's Paradise". Like A Storm added a torrent of rock 'n' roll bombast to the Coolio classic, updating it for a new generation.
"We heard the intro to the song somewhere," recalls Chris. "We all agreed it's one of the coolest intros ever. There's just this dark vibe. We joked like, 'A band could do a really awesome cover of that song!' Then, I said, 'Well, you know we do play in a band. Let's give it a crack'. The result was awesome. Lyrically, it's about as far away from our lifestyle as you could possibly get, but it was really fulfilling and freeing creatively. We saw our own musical identity by reinterpreting this song."

Like A Storm also continue to deliver on the road. They've toured with everybody from Alter Bridge and Shinedown to Puddle of Mudd and Drowning Pool, and played high-profile festivals alongside Korn and Five Finger Death Punch. However, they begin their biggest and boldest chapter now.

"Musically, we want to inspire and empower people," Chris leaves off. "We write songs about the things we feel strongly about, things that really matter to us. It's amazing that we've made an impact. We came from the other side of the world, and we're living our dream. If that inspires someone, that's incredible."

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--- Palisades ---
Check out this NYC rock band at their Diamondz premiere!

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Event Schedule

Sep 15 2018 07:00PMSleep Signals w/ Perish Lane, Slaves of Sin, & Lonehand
Sep 20 2018 06:00PMSmile Empty Soul & Flaw w/ Code Red Riot, New Lingo, & MORE!
Sep 21 2018 05:00PMDiamondz and Spurz Country Night
Sep 24 2018 07:00PM¡Mayday! w/ 1 Ton, illest*Lyricists, Rap House, & more
Sep 28 2018 07:00PMWayland w/ Special Reserve & Green Citrine
Sep 29 2018 07:00PMAmerican Hitmen w/ School Of Rock - Tim Cord Farewell Show
Oct 7 2018 07:00PMAnother Lost Year
Oct 9 2018 07:00PMSOLD OUT: The LACS w/ Hard Target, LSD, mic.ill, & BOGI
Oct 19 2018 07:00PMOctober Rage w/ Break Surface, Broken Omen, & Rain For Dust
Oct 20 2018 07:00PM103.1 The Edge Presents: The Black Moods
Oct 23 2018 07:00PMDemun Jones w/ Charlie Farley & illest*LyricistsGet Tickets
Oct 31 2018 07:00PMHalloween w/ Sunflower Dead, Co-Op, & HighBallGet Tickets
Nov 1 2018 06:30PMSuffocation's "Farewell To Frank" Tour w/ Cattle DecapitationGet Tickets
Nov 3 2018 06:00PMMetal at Diamondz! Headless Pez, The GOV, FOA, Negated
Nov 5 2018 07:00PMOverTime - United We Stand Tour - Jerome, IDGet Tickets
Nov 7 2018 07:00PMPhilip H. Anselmo and The Illegals w/ Child Bite, DS, FOAGet Tickets
Nov 8 2018 07:00PMDevour The Day w/ Faded Leroy, Rain For Dust, & TBAGet Tickets
Nov 9 2018 07:00PMFolk HoganGet Tickets
Nov 16 2018 07:00PMMoonshine Bandits w/ Devil's County & TBAGet Tickets
Nov 17 2018 07:00PMRoyal Bliss w/ Joyous Wolf, Messer, & Chapter BlackGet Tickets
Nov 30 2018 06:00PMWhitechapel - This Is Exile 10th Anniversary Tour, Plus GuestsGet Tickets
Dec 15 2018 07:00PMColt Ford w/ Pinebox Posse & TBAGet Tickets
Dec 16 2018 07:00PMWinds Of Plague w/ The Zenith Passage, Entheos, TMT, MoreGet Tickets
Dec 20 2018 07:00PMLike A Storm w/ Palisades & Farewell To FearGet Tickets
Mar 7 2019 07:00PMYoung DublinersGet Tickets

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