Diamondz Event Center
220 West Main
Jerome, ID 83338
(208) 644-1111

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The Latest

Thu, Mar 25 08:47pm: LIVE MUSIC!!!! :)

Sun, Aug 16 11:47am: Beer & Liquor Blowout - 2 Nights Only! $1 Beers!
We have a bunch of open kegs and bottles of liquor from the beer garden at the Jerome County Fair, and we need to get rid of them pronto!

So we're gonna open up to throw a party and down as much of it as we can as cheaply as we can! $1 beers (draft, bottle, or can), $2 off liquor (non-event prices).

The only catch? When a keg or liquor is gone, it's gone, we won't be opening new ones.

We're also going to pick you up and take you home safely, if you live in a 5 mile radius (live further than that? ask if we can accommodate).

We might do some karaoke if enough people are interested, otherwise we'll play some music on the sound system and relax with our friends.

If you want a ride, please add a comment here, or send the page a message to let us know the pickup address, # in the party, and the desired time.

Thu, Aug 13 11:11am: Today: Ned LeDoux at the Jerome County Fair! Still are tickets left, at JeromeCountyFair.com or the fair box office.

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1. A place that brings great delight to all that behold it.