Diamondz Event Center
220 West Main
Jerome, ID 83338
(208) 644-1111

Tickets for the last remaining shows at Diamondz are at JeromeTickets.com.

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The Latest

Tue, May 12 04:29pm:
"Last Hurrah" t-shirts (men's & lady's tanks) as well as hoodies (zipper & pull-over versions) are now available at DiamondzEventCenter.com! Grab yours today while supplies last!!!

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Mon, May 11 06:26pm: Check it out!!
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If you're not having fun, you're not at Diamondz.

The Hottest Spot in the Magic Valley to Party - The Rock 'n' Roll Capital of Idaho.

Dia+mondz [dahy-muhnds]
1. A place that brings great delight to all that behold it.