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Sun, Dec 31 12:01pm: Brian Ward - Celebration Of Life
Those of us that knew Brian know what a gift he was. We're going to spend a few hours celebrating his life and contemplating how we can make a difference in our community in his honor.

Feel free to bring your favorite stories, pictures, and other Brian memorabilia, you'll have an opportunity to share them with the rest of us.

This is an all-ages event, and there will be no cover charge. Please join us in remembering this remarkable man.

Mon, Dec 25 11:30am: Upcoming Events (Please SHARE for Bonus Karma Points®):

12/29: Gary Warr Birthday Bash (15+, NO COVER, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2pwXiIt).

01/12: Hookers & BLOW w/ Don Jamieson, Dead Fervor, Broken omen, & Ghostbox (15+, $20 / $25, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2C9nwWi).

01/19: The Runaways Tour w/ Shiloh and Guests (15+, $5, 8pm, http://bit.ly/2ztnymM).

02/10: American Hitmen w/ Dogs on the Lam, Rain For Dust, & TBA (15+, $10 / $15, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2C3gRKY).

02/16: Unleashing of Hatred (Inhuman Wrath w/ Negated, Deathstalker, & EverBlack (16+, $10 / $15, 6pm, http://bit.ly/2l8Oi6W).

03/15: Doyle w/ Dying Famous, Munchkin Suicide, & Slaves of Sin (15+, $12 / $15, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2C1yY3T).

05/12: Nile & Soulfly w/ Eighty/Six, Inhuman Wrath, & Deathstalker (15+, $30 / $40, 6:30pm, http://bit.ly/2ztFjSW).

All tickets may be purchased at JeromeTickets.com, at Diamondz Event Center, or from any opening band member.
Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

Tue, Dec 12 06:48pm: Doyle w/ Dying Famous, Munchkin Suicide, & Slaves of Sin
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is best known as the guitarist for the horror punk band the Misfits.

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 day of show, and may be purchased online at JeromeTickets.com, from Diamondz in Jerome, or from any opening band member.

There are also a VERY SMALL number of Reserved tickets available for $15. They get you a reserved seat so you don't need to be at the front of the line to be able to sit (like you'll be sitting anyway, lol).

To attend, you must be 15+ with a parent or guardian, or 18+ otherwise. Full bar available to those 21+ with valid ID. Doors are at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm.

Say you're coming to one of our events and get a $59 double room from Quality Inn & Suites. Add another $5 and upgrade your room to a full suite! They're at 1910 Fillmore Ave N in Twin Falls, (208) 734-7494.

--- Doyle ---
Legendary Ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has broken new ground with his solo project, "DOYLE". A horror based hardrock/metal band of epic proportions. Still grinding out heavy riffs is the hulking monster himself, Doyle of Misfits fame,and Alex Story from Cancerslug provides vocals filled with misanthropic rage, while still capturing the beauty of the dark side. Solidifying the quartet is Graham (ex-Graves, ex-Let It Burn) on bass, unifying the skull crushing sound that is the machine Doyle himself has put together. DOYLE cranks out music as scary as the Misfits, as doom laden as Black Sabbath, and has the same hard-hitting in your face style of metal as Motorhead or Slayer.

More Info:


--- Dying Famous ---
Dying Famous is one of the Northwest's hottest rock bands. Based out of Boise Idaho, Dying Famous is quickly building a reputation as a must see! Delivering a high energy show with original music in the of styles of hard rock, pop rock, punk, and metal. Along with a collection of top covers from music's best artists.

Audiences have been blown away by their onstage charisma, diversity, and their easy going offstage attentiveness.

Dying Famous was also the subject of a 2011 documentary film by MDG Films.

The film follows the band as they struggle to keep the group together before they go on their first tour in the fall 2010 to play the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California. Unlike any other rock documentary, this film takes place as the action surrounds the key players. The movie opens on the ground floor of the bands existence and takes you on the adventure into the unknown world of the music business.

More info:


--- Munchkin Suicide ---
A fun street punk band put together by veterans of the metal scene who are out to smash the stereotypes and have a blast doing it.

--- Slaves of Sin ---
You've not seen Dan Cole's new outfit most likely, and we're stoked he's back on the stage!

More Info:

Event Schedule

Sep 24 2017 06:00PMBobaflex w/ Beitthemeans, October Rage, & Vault7
Sep 27 2017 05:45PMInsane Clown Posse *SOLD OUT * w/ R.A. The Rugged Man, More!
Oct 1 2017 01:30PMDrowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt & Adelitas Way
Oct 5 2017 07:00PMFlobots w/ illest*Lyricists, Light N Up, AG
Oct 6 2017 06:30PMDope & (Hed) p.e. w/ illest*Lyricists & LIFE
Oct 7 2017 07:00PMDefenders of the Faith w/ Hate Spell & Lost Carnival
Oct 11 2017 06:00PMSoulfly does Nailbomb: Performing "Point Blank"
Oct 15 2017 07:00PMMetal Sucks Presents: Cattle Decapitation plus Revocation, More!
Oct 21 2017 07:00PMWednesday 13, Eyes Set To Kill*Hail Sagan*Repulsur*Broken Omen
Oct 26 2017 07:00PMNed Evett Glass Guitar Experience w/ Eric May & Spike Coggins
Nov 3 2017 07:00PMButcher Babies w/ Mindspank, Inhuman Wrath, & Artificial Aliens
Nov 15 2017 06:30PMSuicide Silence*Upon A Burning Body*Slaughter To Prevail*More
Nov 17 2017 10:00PMDr. Nick Redbone
Nov 18 2017 12:00PMBrian Ward Benefit
Nov 25 2017 09:00PMHoliDaze!
Dec 2 2017 08:00PMRhymin at Diamondz 8: The Last Emcee
Dec 4 2017 07:00PMDavey Suicide w/ Amerakin Overdose • Broken Omen • Dead Fervor
Dec 29 2017 07:00PMGary Warr Birthday Bash
Jan 7 2018 02:00PMBrian Ward - Celebration Of Life
Jan 12 2018 07:00PMHookers & BLOW*Don Jamieson*Dead Fervor*Broken Omen*Ghostbox
Jan 19 2018 08:00PMThe Runaways Tour w/Shiloh and Guests
Feb 10 2018 07:00PMAmerican Hitmen w/ Dogs on the Lam, Rain For Dust, & TBAGet Tickets
Feb 16 2018 06:00PMUnleashing of Hatred
Mar 15 2018 07:00PMDoyle w/ Dying Famous, Munchkin Suicide, & Slaves of SinGet Tickets
May 12 2018 06:00PMNile & Soulfly w/ Eighty|Six, Inhuman Wrath, & DeathstalkerGet Tickets

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