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Tue, Aug 23 04:47pm: Upcoming Events (please share): 08/26: Wayland w/ ZamTrip, Nothing But Heros, and Fox & Capture (Rock, 15+, 7pm, $15,
http://bit.ly/29FRMX6). 08/27: Shaman's Harvest w/ Stitched Up Heart, Legends Fade & RoughDraft Twinfalls (Outside, ALL-AGES, 2pm, $20, http://bit.ly/1s5SPsS). 08/30: The Handshakes With Snakes Tour: Apathy & Celph Titled w/ Illest*Lyricists, Illumneye, Contrast, Rhythm and Rhyme (Hip Hop, 15+, 8pm, http://bit.ly/2aWSBga). 09/03: The Adarna (Rock, 15+, 7pm, $10). 09/10: RIPCHAIN w/ Rise Of The Fallen, Smile of Rictus, & Inhuman Wrath (15+, 7pm, $15, http://bit.ly/1TT0nv4). 09/17: Emissary Echo w/ One Second Till Forever, Broken omen, & Knox Vomika (15+, 7pm, $12, http://bit.ly/22D1XRU). 09/18: Young Dubliners w/ The Barking Owls, Aaron Ball Band, & Eric May (Outside, ALL-AGES, 2pm, $25, http://bit.ly/29YsrKE). 09/21: Tim McNary w/ Eric May, Gina Jones, & J.R. Brown (Acoustic Country, 15+, $15, http://bit.ly/2aWTcON). 09/24: Art Of Dying w/ Children 18:3, Letters From The Fire, Mindspank, & TBA (Hard Rock, 15+, 7pm, $20, http://bit.ly/1Y1iRec). 09/30: TBA (Rock, 15+, $20). 10/01: Queen Nation w/ TBA (Outside, Rock, ALL-AGES, 2pm, http://bit.ly/29e0ugf). 10/15: The Lacs w/ Hard Target, CRUCIFIX, & illest Experience (Hick Hop, 15+, $20, 7pm, http://bit.ly/29LxI5S). 10/20: MUSHROOMHEAD OFFICIAL w/ Sunflower Dead, UnSaid Fate, Raven Black, Death Division, & Mindspank (Metal, 15+, $30, http://bit.ly/2aTTeZW). 10/22: The Return: An Evening with Foolsbane (15+, 7pm, $20, http://bit.ly/2atT3kR). 11/01: Soilwork, Unearth, Battlecross, WOVENWAR, Darkness Divided (Metal, 15+, $40, 6pm, http://bit.ly/2bLiUWs). 12/12: TBA (Rock, 15+, $15, 7pm). 12/15: Hed PE w/ illest*Experience, Broken omen, & TBA (15+, $25, 7pm, http://bit.ly/2aD2AYP). All tickets may be purchased at JeromeTickets.com, at Diamondz in Jerome, or from any opening band member.

Mon, Aug 22 01:04am: We are EXTREMELY sorry for the ridiculous wait times getting into the fairgrounds today. We were simply not prepared for the number of people that bought tickets at the door, and were short some equipment and personnel that we should have had to expedite the process. Always better to have too much than too little, and we should have known better.. Please forgive us, we'll do it better next time! Special thanks to our sponsors, without whom we couldn't have pulled this off: Country Auto, Warmart Tattoo & Bodypiercing, Bud Light, Jerome Cheese Company, Hellbent Productions, TruckMaster Logistics Systems, Inc., & Southern Idaho Tourism. You all helped us bring in an event that was pretty darn special for this area. Thank you to the amazing locals that started the party off right on Saturday night: Rain For Dust, Mindspank, Smile of Rictus, and Broken omen! Thanks to the myriad of people that loaned or rented us RV trailers, semi-trailers, generators, 4-wheelers, sound guys, barricade, fencing, power cables, and special talents! Vendors, you were spectacular.. We wish the show would have been long enough that we could have sampled all of your amazing wares! Finally, thank you for your support, Southern Idaho (and Eastern Idaho, and Western Idaho, and Northern Idaho, and California, and Nevada, and Montana, and all of the other wonderful places you came from for this event), we sure love you!

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